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At Abbey we know that children in the Foundation Stage learn through play. The children in our Nursery and Reception Classes are provided with an exciting range of opportunities to explore, investigate and learn each and every day.




Please keep an eye out for updates about what the children have been learning about during their time in Reception smiley



* Autumn*

* Autumn* 1
* Autumn* 2
* Autumn* 3
* Autumn* 4
* Autumn* 5
* Autumn* 6

The Reception children enjoyed exploring our field and outdoor area for signs of Autumn.

With our collection of Autumn objects the children then created pictures.

What brilliant work Reception!

* Shape walk*

* Shape walk* 1
* Shape walk* 2
* Shape walk* 3
* Shape walk* 4

The children have learnt all about different shapes. 

They were fantastic at  looking for shapes in the environment.

Well done Reception!

*Bonfire night and Diwali'

*Bonfire night and Diwali'  1
*Bonfire night and Diwali'  2
*Bonfire night and Diwali'  3
*Bonfire night and Diwali'  4
*Bonfire night and Diwali'  5
*Bonfire night and Diwali'  6
*Bonfire night and Diwali'  7
*Bonfire night and Diwali'  8

As part of our Colour and Light topic the children learnt all about Bonfire night and the festival of Diwali.

We enjoyed getting creative by producing our own firework pictures and diva lamps.

Great creative work Reception!

* Christmas trip to the farm*

* Christmas trip to the farm* 1
* Christmas trip to the farm* 2
* Christmas trip to the farm* 3
* Christmas trip to the farm* 4
* Christmas trip to the farm* 5
* Christmas trip to the farm* 6
* Christmas trip to the farm* 7

The children had a wonderful trip to Ash End House farm just before Christmas!

They learnt all about the different animals and got to feed them. They also met reindeers.

The children dressed up and acted out the Nativity story.

The children then met Father Christmas! We sang Christmas songs with him and he gave all of the children a present! smiley

*Once upon a time*

*Once upon a time* 1
*Once upon a time* 2
*Once upon a time* 3
*Once upon a time* 4
*Once upon a time* 5
*Once upon a time* 6
*Once upon a time* 7
*Once upon a time* 8

Our topic for Spring 1 is 'Once upon a time'.

The role play has been transformed into a fairy tale castle.

The children have been developing their imaginative play and enjoying creating their own stories with their friends.

The children are doing an amazing job, well done! smiley

*Alien week*

*Alien week* 1
*Alien week* 2
*Alien week* 3
*Alien week* 4
*Alien week* 5
*Alien week* 6
*Alien week* 7
*Alien week* 8
*Alien week* 9
*Alien week* 10

The children enjoyed a very exciting Alien week.

They have learnt lots about space and aliens smiley 

We enjoyed reading 'Aliens love underpants', singing alien songs and learning an alien dance!

We got very arty after Creaturama gave us a visit. We made lots of aliens using junk modelling and air dry clay.

We then had two very special experiences. The children wore a Virtual reality headset which took them up to Space!

The children also went inside the space dome where they learnt all about the stars and planets.

What an adventure!

A Parent's Guide- What to expect and when?

'Once upon a time' parent info leaflet

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