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Year 1

Visiting Church


Each half term Year 1 visit our local church, The Abbey Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, to take part in a service. Father Tom gives the children a range of jobs and also enjoys getting the children to act out stories from the bible. The children enjoy writing their own prayers to read during the service.

Autumn 1



This half term we have been looking at number and place value, including looking at tens and ones.

This term we have been looking at the topic 'Sensational Me' in which we have looked at the senses and our body parts. We used our senses during different investigations - using our sense of touch, smell, sight and taste! We have also looked at art by Picasso, looking at how he moved the different body parts around to make an abstract portrait.


In computing we have been looking at e-safety. We have been looking at how to stay safe online and what to do if we feel unsafe.


In  Religious Education this term we have been looking at 'Who is a Christian'?' We have been looking at the Creation Story and the different values that Christian's hold.

Autumn 2



This half term we have been looking at addition and subtraction. We have been using the part-part-whole and bar model to work out different number sentences.

This half term we have been working on the topic 'The Magic Toymaker'. We have been looking at the differences between toys in the past and toys now, including what they are made from and how they work. We have also been sketching our own toys!


In computing we have been looking at algorithms. We have been finding out how to use instructions on the computer and how we can program using algorithms to make objects perform.


In Religious Education we have been looking at 'Why does Christmas matter to Christians?' We have been looking at the Nativity Story and writing it in our own words.

Spring 1



In maths the children have been working hard to solve multiplication and division problems by using objects, drawing pictures and using arrays.

This term in Year 1 our topic is The Magic Toymaker, with a focus on The Victorians. Throughout this term the children will be finding out about how the Victorians lived, what they played with, what they used to wear and what school was like. We will also be looking at what life was like in a workhouse.


In computing this term the children will be learning all about collecting data and pictograms. This will include the children using a computer program to interpret and to record information they have collected.


As part of our Religious Education topic this term we will be learning all about 'Who is a Hindu and what do they believe?'. The children will be exploring religious artefacts, beliefs and customs relating to Hinduism.


To find out more about this about your child's learning please see the topic information leaflet below.


Spring 2 




In maths this half term we are looking at fractions. We find half and a quarter of an object, shape and quantity. We also look at time, showing o'clock and half past on our own clocks and writing the time for different clocks that we see. 


In computing we are looking at 2D animation. We are making a sequence of pictures and putting them together to make an online animation. 


In Religious Education we are thinking about 'Why does Easter matter to Christians?' We go on an Easter walk around the school and retell the Easter story. Year 1 are also taking the lead in the Eater service performance at Church. 

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