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Year 1

Autumn 1 Sensational Me!


This term we have been looking at the topic 'Sensational Me.' We have looked at the senses and our body parts. We used our senses during different investigations - using our sense of touch, smell, sight and taste!  We have labelled our body parts and sang songs to remind us what they are called.


We have also looked at art by Picasso, looking at how he moved the different body parts around to make abstract portraits.  We used mirrors to look carefully at our own features to allow us to draw our own self-portraits.  We made some delicious fruit kebabs in DT and were able to design, make and evaluate them. 


In computing we have been looking at e-safety. We have talked about being online and what to do if we feel unsafe.


In  Religious Education this term we have been looking at 'Who is a Christian'?' We have been looking at the Creation Story and the different values that Christian's hold.


In our Literacy lessons we have learnt to write sentences about ourselves and what we like to do, we have learnt how to use capital letters and full stops in the right place. 


During Maths lessons we have looked at numbers 1-20 in lots of detail.  We have learnt how to count forwards and backwards and listened to lots of songs to help us to remember the number order.  We have also learnt how to find one more and one less of different numbers. 


We have loved using the new resources in the classroom like the wooden blocks to design and build homes for animals and lots of other imaginative creations!



Autumn 2- Toys

This half term we have been working on the topic 'Toys.' We have been looking at the differences between toys in the past and toys now, including what they are made from and how they work. We have loved creating our own toys; making wooden puppets and wheeled vehicles in DT. 


In computing we have been looking at algorithms. We have been finding out how to use instructions on the computer and how we can program using algorithms to make objects perform, we used beebots to move to different positions and we built homes for them. 


In Religious Education we have been looking at 'Why does Christmas matter to Christians?' We have been looking at the Nativity Story and writing it in our own words.


In Literacy we have been making our own 'Toys' booklet where we have described what old and new toys look like, what materials they are made from and how they work.  We explored old and new toys before we began to write about them.  We learnt how to use adjectives to describe our toys.  We looked at the Toy Story films and learnt how to use similies when writing a character description.



Spring 1

Hot and Cold



We have been looking at multiplication in maths.  We have learnt how to count in multiples of 2, 5 and 10.  We have used arrays and groups of to work out the answers to multiplication problems.  We have used the Julia Donaldson text "The Snail and The Whale" this half term and have acted out the story, re-told the story as well as writing our own shape and Acrostic poems about snails and whales.   


In computing we have made our own pictograms about our own interests.  We decided that they were a great way to gather information.  They helped us to ask and answer questions.  


In R.E. we have posed the question "Who is a Hindu?" and have learnt about the different Gods and how those Gods help to guide Hindu's in their daily life.  


Our topic has been really exciting we have learnt all about the Continents and Oceans of the World, we have made maps, listened to songs, researched different countries and the animals that live there.  We also found out about a famous person in History... Scott of The Antarctic and how he was a brave explorer.  We have made comparisons about what life is like in Antarctica compared to what life is like in the U.K.  








Spring 2 



During this topic we will be learning about the four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, what the weather is like in those seasons and what months make up each different season.  We will also explore different types of plants and trees and what it takes to help them to grow. 



Summer 1

The Victorians (with a local focus)


We will begin to look at what life was like during the Victorian era and how different it was for children to go to school during that time.  We will also explore a famous person from Nuneaton- Reginald Stanley and think about how many of the buildings we know today were made by the Reginald Brother's business. 

Summer 2

Let's go on Safari!


During this topic we will be looking at Africa and how the environment there is very different to what it is like in the U.K.  We will begin to group animals into those that are herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and talk about where different groups of animals live. 

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