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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1! In Year 1 we have two classes, Hazel and Cherry Blossom.


The class teacher in Hazel class is Mrs Wheeler who is supported by Miss Pegler. 


The class teacher in Cherry Blossom is Miss Mason who is supported by Miss Griffiths. 

Spring 2-

This term we have enjoyed our topic 'Spring Time' and noticing the signs of spring that were beginning to appear around our school. 


Our topic was linked to Science, looking around the local area for signs of spring. We learnt all about plants, their features and what they need in order to grow. We then had the opportunity to plant a bean seed and provide the seed with the things it needed to grow- water and sunlight. We kept a bean diary to record it's success. We then learnt about the structure of trees and the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees. 


In Geography, we looked at maps, the different types of maps and why they are used. We made our very own map of the school. We then noticed that some maps have 'keys' and so we found out why and decided to make our own map with a key! 


In History, we went on a trip to the church! This was not our usual trip this time! We learnt all about what it was like when it was an Abbey and when the Nuns and Monks lived there. We went to visit the ruins of the Abbey and completed our own explorer book! 


In R.E, we looked at the Easter story. We talked about the signs of Easter in shops such as Easter eggs and hot cross buns. We talked about the Easter story and how different parts made us feel. 


In Computing, we followed our 'Purple Mash' scheme and completed the 'Lego Builders' unit, learning all about Algorithms and how to create our own on the computers. 



In music, we followed our Charanga scheme, following the song 'Round and Round' by Joanna Mangona. 


In P.E, we completed our 'Hit, Catch, Run' unit following the P.E hub. We had lots of fun taking part in competitive games, but on those skills. We ended the term playing a mini version of Rounders! 


In PSHE, our topic was 'Healthy Me' and we discussed how to keep ourselves healthy; not only through what we eat and drink but through our hygiene too! 


We have had another great term and have learnt so much! 

Spring 1-

This term, we have been looking at the topic 'The Victorians'. We took a step back in time and learnt all about what life was like in the Victorian times!


Our topic was linked to History, learning all about the Victorian Era and Queen Victoria herself! We also looked at the life of a working Victorian child and how their life differed from our children at Abbey. We also looked at what schooling was like and again comparing to the schooling we have today. The children in Year 1 were very interested in the difference! 

We even got a chance to go a visit a Victorian school and experience some of things that Victorian children would have experienced at school. We dressed up in the appropriate uniform, learnt how to write with a quill and ink and saw what a typical Victorian home would have looked like. We couldn't believe the difference! 





We then learnt all about Reginald Stanley- the brick maker, who was actually from Nuneaton! We went on a walk around the local area to look at some of the buildings that were made using his bricks. We even saw his family home- this is now a care home! In Design and Technology, we made our very own brick using clay! 

In Art, we looked at the artists Paul Klee, Vincent Van Gogh and David Hackney. We discussed the similarities and differences between their art work and then used the primary colours to create our very own piece of art. 


In Science, we looked at the story 'The Three Little Pigs' and experimented with different materials working out which materials would be best to build a house for the little pigs. We then had lots of fun experimenting with edible materials such as, biscuits, strawberry laces, weetabix, chocolate spread etc and trying our best to build a house in our teams. This involved a lot of problem solving! 



In Computing, we continued to follow our 'Purple Mash' scheme. The children learnt how to use pictograms when gathering data and inputting that data into the computer. 


In R.E, we learnt all about Hinduism and Hindu beliefs. We also learnt all about the different hold days that Hinduism celebrate. 


In Music, we followed our Charanga scheme and listened to different genres of the song 'In the Groove'. We used our Glockenspiels to play with the song. 

In P.E, we completed our 'Attack, Defend and Shoot' unit following our P.E hub. We built up our skills to learn how to attack, defend and shoot a ball in the best possible way we could, through different team building games. 

In PSHE, we followed our Jigsaw programme and focused on 'Dreams and Goals'. We discussed our own personal dreams and goals and talked about ways we could achieve those goals. We found out that some things we may not be able to do by our self and that it is kind to help one other! 

We have loved our topic this term and look forward to learning so much more! 

Autumn 2- 

This term we have been looking at the topic 'Toys'. We have looked at different toys- old and new, designed our own toys and then created our final product. 


Our Topic was linked to History by looking at changes in toys over time. It also linked to Design and Technology by making our own toys. It expanded our vocabulary by using phrases like "Long ago" "Then" and "In the past". 


In our Literacy lessons, we have continued with 'The Write Stuff'. We have written non- fiction letters based on the book 'I wanna Iguana'. We also looked at the alternate version of 'Jack and the Jellybean Stalk'. 


In Maths, we continued our learning on addition and looked at splitting numbers up into tens and ones. 


In Design and Technology, we created our own wooden spoon puppets and moving wooden cars. With both of these, we were able to design, make and evaluate them. 


In Science, we looked at different materials and their properties. We completed an investigation into which materials are waterproof and would be best for 'Traction Man's' scuba outfit. 


In Computing, we continued our learning on 'Online Safety'. We also learnt how to create a picture using '2Paint a Picture' and then save our work under our name, to the computer we used. 


In Religious Education, we looked at why Christmas matters to Christians. We have been looking at the Christmas Story and preformed our very own Nativity play! 


In our Music lessons, we have used our Charanga scheme to learn the rhythm and pace to the songs 'Rhythm in the way we walk' and 'Banana Rap'. 


In P.E, we have learnt new 'Dance' skills and enjoyed learning different moves to the 'Jungle Book' theme. 


We have loved using the different resources in our continuous provision such as, construction materials, dinosaur world and our home role play area. 

Autumn 1- 

This term we have been looking at the topic 'Sensational Me.' We have looked at the senses and our body parts. We used our senses during different investigations - using our sense of touch, smell, sight and taste!  We have labelled our body parts and sang songs to remind us what they are called. 


Our topic has linked to History this half term by thinking about how we have changed since a baby and using vocabulary like 'long ago', 'then' and 'in the past'. 


We have also looked at art by Picasso, looking at how he moved the different body parts around to make abstract portraits.  We used mirrors to look carefully at our own features to allow us to draw our own self-portraits.  We made some delicious fruit kebabs in DT and were able to design, make and evaluate them. 



In Computing we have been practicing how to log in with our own usernames and passwords. We have also created our own Avatar to protect our identity. 


In Religious Education this term we have been looking at 'Who is a Christian'?' We have been looking at the Creation Story and the different values that Christian's hold.


In our Literacy lessons we have started a new scheme called 'The Write Stuff'. We have wrote sentences on the books Ruby's Worry and We're Going on a Bear Hunt.


During Maths lessons we have looked at numbers 1-20 in lots of detail.  We have learnt how to count forwards and backwards and listened to lots of songs to help us to remember the number order. We have also learnt how to find one more and one less of different numbers as well as counting in 10s. Finally, we have started to split numbers into their tens and ones. 


In PE this half term, we have been learning new gymnastic skills. We have learnt 3 new rolls: teddy bear, log and egg. As well as, completing a sequence involving a roll and different jumps. 


During Music this half term, we have used our Charanga scheme to learn about the rhythms and pace to the song 'Hey, you!'. 


We have loved using the different resources in our continuous provision like the wooden blocks to design and build houses and lots of other imaginative creations



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