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Mental Health and Well-being

Mental health is a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.

(World Health Organization)


At Abbey Infant School, we aim to promote positive mental well-being for all of our pupils, staff, families and the community.  Our Mental Health and Well-being team meet every half term to review what we are doing and think about how we can improve well-being in our school.  As well as promoting positive mental well-being, we aim to recognise and respond to poor mental ill health.  In an average classroom, three children will be suffering from a diagnosable mental health issue. 


We aim to create and promote a safe and stable environment for pupils affected both directly and indirectly by mental ill health, or signpost individuals to organisations for support.



Supporting Pupils


We believe we have a key role in promoting children’s positive mental health and well-being.  Our school has developed a range of strategies and approaches including:


  • The Thrive Approach
  • Transition support between classes and to junior school                       
  • Quiet calm areas in all classrooms    
  • Nurture Groups                                                
  • Positive, structured adult led play opportunities at playtimes
  • Lego Therapy                                                  
  • Taking Care Programme
  • Art Therapy
  • Relax Kids after school group
  • PSHE
  • Circle Times
  • After school sports and craft clubs
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles through diet and exercise to support mental health and well-being


The Thrive Approach


The Thrive Approach supports social and emotional development. 

We aim to provide …

  • Support for children who are experiencing emotional, social or behaviour difficulties.
  • We provide a safe and calm environment for children to develop their skills.
  • Enable children to take pride in their achievements and enhance self-esteem.
  • Help children to manage their feelings and develop skills to enjoy and participate in school life.
  • Use positive approaches to manage all behaviours.


Children are supported every day by our Thrive practitioner in the Learning Hub.



Introducing RISE

RISE Mental Health in Schools

Supporting Families


Parents are encouraged to come in to school to speak with us if they are worried about anything.  We are able to direct parents to agencies and different sources of support.  Displays in school give parents information about where they might be able to go for help in times of trouble.


We work with St Mary’s church to support the community. They offer a free hot meal every Wednesday in the Abbey Church Hall between 4 & 5pm for the children and families of Abbey Infant School and Nursery.


Chat Health

Mental Health Support in Nuneaton

How to find Support in Warwickshire

Supporting Staff

Promoting staff health and emotional well-being is an integral part of the whole school approach to mindfulness and mental well-being.  We have an open door policy if staff need to speak to someone about concerns or personal well-being.  We believe in maintaining a positive work life balance.  Time is made available in the school day for staff to fulfil responsibilities.

Signposting to materials about mental health and well-being is also made available.


Staff have access to the Warwickshire County Council’s Employee Assistance Programme, Workplace Wellness, providing support 365 days a year.