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'Love, Laugh, Learn - walking with Jesus to life in all its fullness, John 10:10.'

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Physical Education

What does Physical Education look like at Abbey? 


Love, Laugh, Learn – Walking with Jesus to life in all its fullness – John 10:10






We aim to provide a curriculum that is inclusive and challenging for all pupils irrespective of religion, age, gender, ethnicity, language or disability. Teachers use the National Curriculum expectations and those set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage to plan. Our curriculum allows for cumulative progression of knowledge and skills from early years to KS1 and intends to make explicit reference to prior learning and development so that physical development is achieved. As an Infant school, we aim to provide the foundations in order to develop children’s physical ability through a love of competitive and non-competitive sport, developing their coordination and spacial awareness; while also encouraging team building. We also maximise physical activity throughout the day, through our play times and lunch times, as well as linking physical activity to other subjects where appropriate.



Teachers use the National Curriculum as a basis for planning, which is also supported by ‘The P.E Hub’ scheme; ensuring an enriching and engaging curriculum is provided.  Children in Reception develop their skills through different activities, including:



Body Management

Speed Agility Travel

Manipulation & Coordination


KS1 further develop their physical skills through:



Attack, Defend, Shoot

Hit, Catch, Run

Send and Return

Run, Jump, Throw


Children in Early Years develop their physical skills through daily activities, developing their gross motor as well as their fine motor. This is additionally supported by ‘Healthy Movers’ programme.


Planning is adapted and amendments are made based on teacher judgement, particularly to support and challenge SEND pupils and stretch the more able. Teachers additionally link physical activity to other subjects where appropriate. For example, Year 2 linked ‘Dance’ within their History lesson and gained experience of different dances throughout the times, including The Jive and Twist. Each year group ensure the foundations are built in order for children to succeed in their following year at school.

We harness play times and lunch times for high quality physical activity, through the OPAL programme where children are encouraged to use their physical skills throughout their outdoor play.

We also offer a range of after-school clubs which further develop children’s love of sport and physical activity. Through ‘Premier Sport’, children have access to Gymnastics and Football. We do additionally provide access to Dance which is provided by members of staff who are Dance trained.



Children are more enthusiastic in engaging in physical activity. Children have built strength and coordination through their love of physical activity and have gained confidence in their abilities. Children have built the foundations in order for them to succeed in their following year group. They enjoy participating in physical activity throughout their day in school.


Enrichment Day- Aston Villa Coaches visit our school!

PE Long Term Plan

Progression in Knowledge PE

Progression in Vocabulary in PE

Squirrels (2 Year Olds) enjoying Physical Education

Owls (Preschool) enjoying Physical Education

Reception enjoying Physical Education

Year 1 enjoying Physical Education

Year 2 enjoying Physical Education

Elm (SEN Provision) enjoying Physical Education